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Opening Reception December 11, 1 - 4 pm.

I have been working to bring to light the work of my former professor Roger Anliker.

Below are some highlights indicating past and current projects.  

You can visit his website at: 

Intimate Regard

The Work of Roger Anliker

A selection of extraordinary paintings and drawings by Roger Anliker, many never exhibited since the 1960’s was on display at the Community Art center in Wallingford PA. A catalog is available for purchase.

A gifted painter, exceptional draughtsman and influential teacher, Roger won many awards including a Guggenheim fellowship, has exhibited in museums and galleries in the United States and Europe and taught generations of artists.

The curated show by Dr. Kirsten M. Jensen is a selection of important work spanning the years 1945-1963 as Roger developed his dazzling mature vision. Many of the paintings on display were formed over years, sometimes decades to produce singular, achingly beautiful expressions.

“His paintings celebrate the natural world with a technique so breathtaking as to make the objects in it-shells, flowers, plants, snails, ghostly figures-seem almost unnatural.”

Dr. Kirsten M. Jensen