During the development of certain paintings, I've documented key steps to help the viewer appreciate the process. Each painting has a unique series of steps, intrinsic to the final image. Below are a few examples of current works. More to come soon​.

Drawing from hotel room, pencil on paper. Started with random perpendicular lines, used as a "finder".

Continuing to push paint quality as metaphor

Final layers and end product

Decisions about character of final paint film are considered, embedding string into surface or lifting out and filling.

String added to mimic grid from drawing to locate forms

Forms gradually developing out of the paint

Below are the steps for The Light Beyond

Detail of another area of painting

Further development of surface

Blue tape was playing a role in color relationships. Decision was made to replace tape with blue encaustic 

Pushing paint qualities 

Paint applied with knives, blades, and brushes to build a bed.